Gotland is a paradise for children. There is everything from soft, sandy beaches to action packed waterparks and an exciting landscape to discover. The island is full of activites and other fun things for children of all ages. We have listed som of our favourites.

at home with pippi

Who has not dreamed of visiting Villa Villerkulla? The house where our beloved Pippi Longstocking baked gingerbread biscuits on the floor and played the now legendary game "do not touch the floor." The originally house where SVT filmed the Pippi Longstocking films is located at the Kneippbyn summer and water park. You can also go to the theatre and meet constables Kling and Klang, Mrs Prysselius and Pippi her self of course.

Discover the kids cave in lummelunda

In the kids cave just north of Visby, children between the ages of  4-6 can discover petrified animals, fun stalactities and stalagmites and strange insects on their very own children's tour. A fun, educational and slightly strange adventure. In Lummelunda you will also find Seriegården, a park filled with over 300 cartoon and fairytale characters in a variety of sizes.

homely open air farm museums

A visit to the museum does not have to be dull, especially if you visit the open air farm museums at Norrby or Bottarve. In the former you step right into the 1940s, with hosts dressed in typical period dress and a farm full of cuddly lambs, pigs, rabbits, chickens and horses. At Bottarve in Burgsvik you travel right back in time to the 1800s with typical period settings and quaint small buildings. You can try your hand at living just like children did over a hundred years ago.

swim in magical limestone quarries

Swimming is often one of the most favourite of summer activities. An excursion to one of Gotland's water-filled limestone quarries is something that older children are sure to appreciate. Limestone quarries are enchantingly beautiful and infused with a feeling of tranquility. Some of the most popular are the Blue Lagoon, Smöjen and Kyllaj.

car crazy

At the Gotland Veteran Car Museum there is something for the whole family. You can look at magnificent veteran cars, as well as drive go-carts, challenge your friends to a race with RC cars, try riding a penny farthing or driving electricand pedal cars.

bring out your inner rider

Horseback riding is an experience that is hard to top, particularly with Gotland's majestic landscape as a backdrop. The island has several companiesthat organise horseback riding on everything from Gotland ponies to Icelandic horses. The Gotland pony is extra special since it as been present on the island since time immemorial.